Case studies that highlight the difference Wavelength Learning makes and the impact our work makes.

Parkinson's NSW, Australia

Wavelength Learning partnered with Parkinson’s NSW to create a digital learning suite for caregivers and healthcare professionals involved in caring for people with Parkinson’s disease. The suite includes two interactive learning experiences and a third one focused on exercise. It aims to make a difference in the lives of those affected by the disease.

Certis Security, Australia

Certis Security Australia and Wavelength Learning partnered to create digital learning modules for aviation screening officer recruits. The programme equips officers with the skills and knowledge to handle complex screenings with compassion and firmness, resulting in a more competent and confident workforce. The programme meets Certis’ key performance indicators and provides a safe and welcoming experience for passengers.

New South Wales Ministry of Health

Meet Zara, the Face of School Refusal in NSW

Wavelength Learning teamed up with the New South Wales Ministry of Health (NSW MOH) to design an award-winning online learning course to help manage cases of school refusal state-wide.

The Department of Education and Training, Victoria

Wavelength Learning designed and delivered five blended learning courses for The Department of Education and Training Victoria (DET) as part of the Professional Learning Suite for Learning Specialists.

The role of learning specialists includes leading the development of highly-effective teaching practices and supporting the uplift of teacher capability across their school. This learning suite aims to build the capabilities of these learning specialists (existing and new) over the next three years through a suite of blended professional learning offerings.


Wavelength Learning provides bespoke learning solutions for various businesses and organisations.