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Discover, design and deliver processes with eye, brain, and rocket icons.

Over 20 years of expertise

We believe in creating engaging and effective learning experiences that solve the needs of your organisation by designing for your learners. At the heart of what we do is our design process.

Our approach is based on human-centred design – it’s about what works for learners.

We scale our design approach across projects of all sizes, ensuring we can be confident that any bespoke solution will work for your organisation because it works for your learners.

Venn diagram displaying three circles, orange, grey and yellow, with the words Feasibility (Technology) , Desirability (people) and Viability (business value)


By following a human-centred design process, we solve the needs of your organisation by designing for your learners.

We work with you to understand the context in which learners operate, as well as their needs, pain points, and experiences.

We combine this understanding with our learning and digital expertise to produce creative, innovative and engaging learning experiences that align with your vision, culture and people.

Throughout our Discover, Design, and Deliver approach, we follow the global design thinking model and apply the lenses of desirability, feasibility, and viability to our design.

End-user desirability is about having empathy for learners and understanding what they want, need, and will get value from.

Technical feasibility is about providing the best possible learning experiences within the limitations of technology, sustainability, security, etc.

Commercial viability is about ensuring that we create solutions that deliver the right outcomes and drive the right results.

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