Experts in adult learning using a proven approach with over 20 years of experience. 

We firmly believe that when learning improves, so do the outcomes – not just for individuals, but for organizations and communities too. 

With a remarkable track record spanning over 20 years, our award-winning journey continues across New Zealand, Australia, the Pacific, and the United Kingdom. We’re proud to offer support to clients across diverse industries. Our team brings together a wealth of knowledge in adult learning, education, design, and technology. This unique blend allows us to craft bespoke solutions that not only ignite inspiration but also deliver concrete results. 

Engineer holding a digital learning tablet

Meet Our Team

Our expert global team are at the forefront of digital learning.

We believe in partnering with you to create engaging and effective learning experiences. 

Delivering Quality

We mobilise our teams to ensure each project exceeds your expectations. 

James Hodgson

Managing Director

Jesse Harris

 Director of Partnering ANZ

Tim Hall

Director Wavelength UK

Simon Carter

Quality and Delivery Director

Supporting Our Clients

We are committed to curating relationships with each client and add value to every project. 

Bill Gaynor

Head of Publishing

Matthew Miller

Head of Education

Jordan Pilgrim

Senior Learning Partner

Jason Haly

Senior Learning Partner

Ifty Syed

Senior Learning Partner

Jo Holland

Learning Partner UK

Natalia Campbell

Office and Project Co-ordinator

Creative Design

Our expert designers understand what makes excellent digital learning and deliver. 

Samantha Ferguson

Head of Learning Experience Design

Tania Vercoelen

Head of Learning Experience Design

Marie Richardson

Senior Learning Experience Designer

Hannah Wilson

Learning Experience Designer

Joseph Fursdon

Learning Experience Designer

Megan Snell

Learning Experience Designer

Lauren Elyan

Junior Learning Experience Designer

Aishlin McIntyre

Junior Learning Experience Designer

Miriam Jackson

Graduate Learning Experience Designer

Rachel Hockin

Senior Digital Designer 

Scott Irvine

Senior Digital Designer

Joe Relich

Digital and Graphic Designer