Certis Security Australia is a renowned provider of multi-disciplinary security and integrated services to the government and the private sector. One of their key projects involves the provision of passenger and baggage security screenings at airports across Australia. In January 2023, Wavelength Learning partnered with Certis Security Australia to co-design and co-deliver a suite of digital learning modules for new recruits. 


Australia’s airports cater to millions of air passengers annually, taking both domestic and international flights. Sydney Airport, the busiest air travel hub in the country, recorded over 40 million passengers in the post-pandemic year of 2022.

As a provider of security services in Australian airports, Certis Security Australia recognises the importance of creating a secure and hospitable environment for passengers during security screenings. They prioritise the readiness of their Aviation Screening Officers to handle complex security screenings with firmness and compassion.

Over 200 staff in multiple sites trained in the first three months of 2023 during high-demand operational periods without any negative impact on business operations.

A picture of a computer on a desk showing the Certis Security Australia online training module on the screen.


Wavelength Learning collaborated with Certis Security Australia to co-design a leading-edge digital learning suite tailored to the specific needs of the continuing professional development of their Aviation Screening Officers.

Great emphasis is placed on equipping its staff with the necessary ongoing training and expertise to perform the security screening function efficiently while simultaneously providing a welcoming experience for passengers.

This partnership allowed us to develop a highly engaging and effective training programme that addressed three key performance indicators required by Certis:

  • Time to proficiency
  • Transfer of learning
  • Stakeholder satisfaction


The Certis Aviation Screening Officer workforce now has a learning suite that reinforces key company processes, updates them on contemporary industry knowledge, and addresses mandatory industry training requirements. Additionally, our learning suite features a more interactive and engaging learning experience that has received excellent reviews from students and management.

Our Impact

100% of key performance indicators of

✅ Time to proficiency

✅ Transfer of learning

✅ Stakeholder satisfaction

were met because of our learning suite.

Certis Security Australia Highly rated us for:

  • Quality of deliverables
  • Communications
  • Resolution of issues
  • Management and suitability of personnel