Project Type: Gamification

Company Overview:

Our client is a leading Australian educational institution, offering a diverse range of TAFE courses, vocational training, and international degrees. With its focus on music education and sound production, the education provider collaborated with Wavelength Learning to revamp the CUA40920 Certificate IV in Music, emphasising a modern approach incorporating multimedia and gamification.


Discovering the Gap: Challenges and Opportunities

Recognising the scarcity of real-life practice environments for sound production students, Wavelength Learning’s research emphasised the need for a contemporary approach that prepared students for industry challenges. Collaboration with industry experts and the clients subject matter experts facilitated the incorporation of practical insights into the curriculum.


Designing for Impact: A Comprehensive Learning Experience

Wavelength Learning prioritised engaging hands-on experiences, contextualised learning, and real-world skill applications in the redesign of the Cert IV programme. Wavelength knew that working with industry experts would be integral to the authenticity of the final outputs, as these weren’t mere additions but pivotal elements in our design strategy. By focusing on the disconnect between theoretical knowledge and practical requirements, we aimed to create an immersive learning experience that bridged the gap effectively.


Delivering Results: Immersive Game-based Learning

During the delivery phase, Wavelength Learning meticulously crafted and implemented two innovative games, the “Onsite Audio Experience” and the “Camera Operator Experience,” within the redesigned curriculum. These games were not just simple additions, but integral components carefully woven into the fabric of the learning experience.

The “Onsite Audio Experience” was a meticulously designed 3D simulation, developed using Unity/Web GL technology. It replicated the high-pressure environment of setting up sound equipment for a live performance, exposing students to the challenges of managing unexpected disruptions and ensuring optimal sound quality. The technical intricacies of the game were thoughtfully curated to closely resemble the real-life scenarios encountered by sound engineers, including the manipulation of audio frequencies in real-time, providing a highly immersive and authentic experience for the learners.

Meanwhile, the “Camera Operator Experience” was developed using Articulate Storyline, creating a narrative-driven scenario that required students to make critical decisions in setting up camera equipment for live gig recordings. Beyond technical challenges, the game emphasised the importance of interpersonal skills, guiding students to handle unpredictable situations such as faulty equipment or challenging audience behaviour. The incorporation of a dynamic points system and interactive feedback mechanisms ensured that students received real-time evaluations of their performance and opportunities for continuous improvement.

The implementation of these games involved a comprehensive approach that considered user interface design, brand consistency, and seamless integration into the Moodle Learning Management System (LMS). The Wavelength team collaborated closely with the clients key stakeholders, subject matter experts, and industry professionals to ensure the games not only met the educational objectives but also provided an engaging and enriching learning experience.

The outcome of this phase was a curriculum that seamlessly blended theoretical knowledge with practical application, fostering a learning environment that prepared students for the complexities of the sound engineering industry. By incorporating these innovative game-based learning modules, Wavelength Learning and the university successfully provided students with a comprehensive and immersive educational experience, setting a new standard for sound engineering education.

Onsite Audio Experience Game (Sound Production)

Camera Operator Experience Game (Camera Operation)

Our Impact: Transformative Learning Experiences

By weaving these games into the learning journey, students not only gained technical expertise but also developed critical soft skills necessary for the industry. The seamless integration of the games into the learning management system and the provision of stable, visually appealing interfaces ensured an optimal learning experience.


Moving Forward: Monitoring and Enhancing Results

While early feedback has been promising, our focus remains on continuous improvement. Tracking dropout rates, job placements, and industry collaborations will provide insights into the long-term impact of the revamped curriculum. Wavelength Learning remains committed to refining and iterating the learning experience, ensuring it remains dynamic and industry-aligned.

In partnership with our client, Wavelength Learning continues to pioneer innovative approaches to education, emphasising the importance of merging technology with foundational learning principles. This collaborative effort represents a commitment to preparing students for the demands of the evolving sound engineering industry.

Want to learn more about our work?

Want to learn more about our work?