China Savvy Blended Learning

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade (MFAT) advises the New Zealand government on foreign and trade policy and promotes New Zealand’s trade and international relations interests.


Helping our public sector become China-savvy.

The China Capable Public Sector (CCPS) programme is a whole-of-government initiative to develop a China-savvy public sector with awareness, knowledge, experience, and leadership to engage effectively with China, both internationally and domestically.


Expert masterclasses and an evolving knowledge portal.

Working closely with MFAT and a pool of China experts, we designed a learning experience that would not only be effective but also appeal to proactive knowledge workers – helping create and sustain a community of interest across government agencies.

The China Capable knowledge portal provides easy access to curated content through a modern on-demand web experience. The portal holds a wealth of information and resources, supported by powerful search and tailored learning pathways – making it easy for people to find relevant content, keep up-to-date with upcoming forums and current events, connect with an expert community, access recordings of live forums, and share knowledge and resources. 

The China Capable masterclass is a high-impact five-day development programme that accelerates knowledge transfer as participants learn first-hand from an expert pool of public sector officials, academics and business leaders. It encourages cross-agency collaboration as they work together to solve complex scenarios – exploring cultural, economic, political, and security aspects of New Zealand’s engagement with China.


An essential all-of-government programme.

The programme has become recognised as an essential all-of-government programme for developing public sector capability and has grown an engaged community. The portal has quickly become the ‘go-to’ place for expert knowledge and information on working effectively with China, and we’ve continued to enhance and add features to the site since its launch in 2017. Most recently, we developed interactive pick-a-path scenarios that let people explore the outcomes of their actions in subtle cultural situations.