Digital Learning

Aviation Security Service (Avsec) is the official provider of aviation security in New Zealand. They screen passengers, as well as checked and carry-on baggage.


To build positive relationships and work effectively together with passengers and airport staff, the aviation security staff in five international airports in New Zealand need to demonstrate professional client services  – being positive, approachable, friendly, and adding value and support without compromising the baseline security standards at the airport.

Due to the shift work nature of roles, delivering training face-to-face was inefficient and time-consuming.

The training team also wanted to incorporate customer service into their training strategy, along with onboarding and refresher training.


Wavelength Learning analysed existing instructor-led training sessions and recommended developing e-learning modules covering the importance of customer service, the bigger picture of what it means for Avsec, and introducing general customer service principles.

Another module focused on covering intercultural awareness and how to deal with difficult customers and complaints.


The staff could relate to the scenarios provided in the modules from their real-life experiences and were able to identify what was expected of aviation security officers as ambassadors for Avsec.

The modules also encouraged more buy-in from learners and aligned with the Avsec culture.

They also made the staff think about what factors can influence a person’s ability to deliver exceptional customer service, and self-assess against the baseline requirements for customer service.

The module won a Brandon Hall Silver award in the Best custom content category.