Health and safety learning programme

Z energy is a New Zealand company that supplies fuel to retail and large commercial customers like airlines, trucking companies, mines, shipping companies and vehicle fleet operators.


Z Energy recognised the need for a more formal system of managing the risks in their organisation that aligned with the Health and Safety Act.

Even though they had a dedicated Health, Safety, Security and the Environment (HSSE) team, they wanted to move to a system where health and safety were front of mind for everyone working at Z Energy. Their goal was to move from a reactive health and safety culture (responding to incidents after they occurred) towards a generative culture (where it is totally ingrained into everyday work practices and the mindset of their staff).


The project had a series of short sprints over a long time frame (approximately 18 months) with various milestones to achieve during that time.

Wavelength Learning worked with Z Energy to develop a comprehensive learning programme to help their workers and business partners understand this initiative and their roles and responsibilities. The outcome of our combined work was Z’s Operational Risk Management System (or ZORM).

We helped create and develop:
– an overall learning pathway outlining what everyone needed to build their HSSE capability at each level of leadership (including leadership of self)
– templates for guidelines, quick reference guides, forms and other resources to support Z’s 14 health and safety standards (and assistance in editing and formatting these documents)
– a competency framework and self-assessment statements
– five e-learning modules – some of which were re-purposed from existing material to help save time and money
– face-to-face training session outlines and presentations for managers to use in staff training sessions and for one-on-one coaching
– an animation explaining the HSSE goal.


Staff are highly engaged in health and safety at Z. For example, one e-learning module was released on Z’s learning management system at 11.30 a.m. and completed by 10% of Z’s staff by 4.30 p.m. that same day.

Over 90% of people have completed their assigned training within the specified time frames. 21% are now actively involved in health and safety forums (compared to 5% in the last financial year).

Feedback on the training and materials has been very positive. Staff have stated:

  • It is easy to follow,
  • Includes all important information,
  • It is succinct and relevant, and
  • the learning rituals incorporated into each e-learning module mean they know what to expect each time they open one.