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Parkinson’s New South Wales (PNSW) is a not-for-profit organisation striving to make life better for people living with Parkinson’s, their families and carers.


PNSW approached Wavelength Learning to connect people living with Parkinson’s with life-enhancing and essential support, services and programs by redesigning their existing Parkinson’s in Aged Care training. This involved designing and developing online modules that support the final report recommendations outlined in the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety (2021).

This is fantastic!!! So good working with you and the whole team.

Christine McGee


Input on PNSW’s long-term learning strategy, learning standard and design approach for all future learning modules, which started with two new e-learning modules. The first module targets anyone needing to cover the basics of being connected to a person with Parkinson’s, and the second module specifically targets aged care learners, specifically nursing staff and aged care workers who directly impact the quality of care of people with Parkinson’s in aged care. We created custom animations and diagrams conveying some of the complexity of Parkinson’s symptoms, individual needs, and strategies to live well and have quality of life. We created a video to share the story of Bill, a person living with Parkinson’s and his wife and carer, Robyn and their effective approach and challenges to achieving quality care and quality of life.

Computer displaying digital learning module


The launch of this project was celebrated at Parliament House with a dual-branded presentation. Alongside this, digital marketing campaigns were utilised to promote the project further and maximise reach to potential learners who could benefit from this learning. PNSW and Wavelength Learning are currently developing another digital learning solution with a focus on exercise for people living with Parkinson’s.

Our Impact

This project has been awarded a LearnX Diamond award for Best eLearning Project and a Gold LearnX Award for Best Learning & Talent Development within Health & Safety Training.


Over 60 external organisations have purchased the digital learning.

As part of the organisation’s commitment to improving education and training around the disease, Parkinson’s NSW extended access to the learning suite to external organisations.

Over 60 external organisations have taken advantage of this opportunity and purchased the digital learning experiences to support their staff’s professional development in this area.