Emergency care for schools

The New South Wales Department of Education is the largest provider of public education in Australia and is responsible for delivering high-quality public education to two-thirds of the NSW student population.


Helping schools respond to medical emergencies.

We’ve all been to the school sick room at some point, but have you ever thought about how those staff know what to do? From scrapes and sprains to diabetes and asthma to serious injuries and stroke – schools need to be able to identify, respond to, and manage all sorts of emergencies. 

Wavelength learning helped the NSW Department of Education redesign an existing two-hour online course to support non-medical school staff better.


Short, targeted modules.

With the clinical content signed off, we focused on improving the learning experience, creating a structured pathway across a series of short, targeted modules.

To help guide learners as they explore each module, we developed a consistent visual language and common structure – reinforcing key messages like signs and symptoms and do’s and don’ts when treating injuries.


State-wide rollout

The new e-Emergency Care modules are now completed by all permanent, temporary and casual school-based staff across the state of New South Wales, ensuring they’re prepared and confident when our kids need them most.